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Los Angeles, California, 15. August 2000 -- Neve Campbell, one of Hollywood's leading actresses, is also leading the charge to take on a disorder that is close to her heart- Tourette Syndrome. TS is well known to Neve, as her younger brother Damian is afflicted with the disorder. She has always been a supporter of TS causes, up to and including being the national spokesperson for both the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada, and the Tourette Syndrome Association in the United States. This effort brings about another opportunity for Neve to contribute.

Neve is clear on her reasons. "People need to know about Tourette Syndrome. Many folks with TS will tell you that the isolation and shame that comes from public ignorance is often more debilitating than the disorder itself. Being shunned or laughed at for something they cannot control heightens the pain and anguish, and creates more stress-- which often results in additional tics. We all need to learn to accept and appreciate the differences which exist amongst us, because behind the obvious symptoms of TS resides a unique and creative soul bursting to express itself."

To this end, Neve's fanclub has launched a Draw, hoping to not only obtain donations for the TSFC, but raise the awareness she speaks of as well.

The winner of the Draw will receive the wedding dress she wore when her character Julia married Griffin on the popular television show Party of Five. In addition to the wedding dress, the winner will receive matching shoes, a certificate of authenticity from Sony Pictures Entertainment, and a VHS copy of the episode in which she wore the dress. The winner's name will be chosen at random by Neve herself on December 4th, 2000. The wedding dress and associated accessories are valued at over seven-hundred and fifty dollars.

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