Welcome to the home of the Official Fanclub for
Neve Campbell

Joining The Fanclub:

Neve Campbell's Latest Promo Shot To join the Official Neve Campbell Fanclub, you must write to us.

The Official Neve Campbell Fanclub
12358 Ventura Blvd. #377
Studio City, CA 91604


Due to the recent COPPA act passed in April, 2000, we must require that members of the Fanclub must be 13 years or older.

Please see our Privacy Policy.

What You Need to Send:

Send an envelope addressed to the above address with the following contents:

  • A personal/business/cashier's check or money order for fifteen dollars ($15 USD)
  • A piece of paper listing your full name, your address, your date of birth, and your email address

    Here is an example:

    Please enter me into the Official Neve Campbell Fanclub. I have included a money order for $15.

    Name: Michelle Bigfan
    Address: 123 Lotus Ave
    Address: Los Angeles, CA 90046
    Date of Birth: 10/3/75
    Email Address: mbigfan@aol.com

    What You Get:

    Membership is good for one CALENDAR year, and you must renew yearly.
    For THIS YEAR ONLY (2000), membership fees will pay for you through the end of 2001.

    You will receive from us within 4 to 8 weeks upon receipt of your request to join:

  • An autographed 8"x10" headshot photo of Neve
  • The last paper fanzine that was published
  • An official fanclub card stating your member number, when you joined, etc.
  • Information telling you how to access members only areas of the website

    Find out what is in the Members Area

    You will receive from us quarterly FOR ONE CALENDAR YEAR

  • A printed fanzine newsletter, giving all the latest up-to-date information on Neve
  • Any special fanclub activities that you can be involved in

    You will receive from us randomly

  • Emails with current information or headline news

    www.nevecampbell.org www.christiancampbell.org